Welcome to the ITCC Video Channel

The videos presented here are a sampling of stories

about the power of creative handwork and connections it provides

across time, space, and the soulful parts of our being.

We hope you'll be inspired and share your process with others who may benefit.


Explore the Face of Love ~ 3 Minutes of Quiet Self-Care

Guided by Betsan Corkhill, ITCC Co-Director, based on the practice of Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing

The "Magic" of Crochet as a Teaching Tool in Schools

Students, teachers, parents, and administrators from the Philips Academy in Newark, New Jersey talk about the value of knitting and crochet - and creative handwork as a form of "technology" for learning. Interviews conducted and video produced by Callie Lasch, Lasch Media.

One Day When We Were Young

A short film by Mah Rana, stitching embroidery with her mother and capturing the skills, warmth, and memories that remain. Made as part of The Power of Making: material affect by Professor Fiona Hackney: Professor Fashion Textiles Theories and Mah Rana: Founder of It’s Nice To Make.

Hand-Spinning - Grasp with the Hands, Grasp with the Mind

Renate Hiller presents the primal craft of hand-spinning, and discusses the spiral as "a cosmic gesture of creation." Video created by Chuck Smith and Sono Kuwayama for the Fiber Craft Studio and Threefold Educational Center.

The Value of the Hand+Brain Connection

ITCC Founder & Co-Director Callie Lasch delivers a small talk with big ideas on how creative engagement with our hands can assist the brain with developing new neural pathways for more expansive thinking and solution-oriented decision making - at any age.

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